Advent, Christmas and Epiphany 2022


Advent wreath

What is Advent?

  • Advent starts this year on Sunday, Nov 27th, and counts down the four Sundays until Christmas.
  • Advent means “+He is coming”!
  • Want to know more about Advent, the wreath, and how this Church season teaches what we need to know about Jesus?

Welcome to Advent 2022 (from LCMS Chaplain Sean Daenzer)

Bible readings and meditations for each day of Advent and Christmas — 2022

Brief Advent Table Devotions — 2022

The Good Shepherd gathers us – in person and online – during Advent and Christmas — 2022

  • We welcome to you join us IN PERSON whenever possible given Flu, COVID-19 and other health concerns – and we appreciate taking appropriate precautions out of love for one another, body mind and soul.  Patience with one another during difficult times is encouraged, and we understand that different people are at different places with respect to what is safe or appropriate for them and what they are comfortable with.
  • If you are not able or at a place where you can come IN PERSON, please join us ONLINE to nevertheless be able to receive Jesus’ care, strength and comfort though His life-giving Word.
  • All are welcome!

May God bless His work of preparing you for Christmas this Advent through His Word and Sacraments, where +He comes to you now, and bring you to great joy at hearing the Christmas Gospel proclaimed, sung, and applied to sinners – that you may be +His always.

+Peace be with you through Christ our Saviour,
Pastor Milette

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