The Catechism (Q&A) Page

“A catechism is a little book of questions and answers.”  That’s what Lutherans are taught from an early age so that we don’t loose this precious word.  Because a Q&A reference always makes things simpler.

Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms

  • Luther’s Small Catechism – the basics of the Christian Faith summarized in simple and memorable words for people of all ages
    • Audio edition of the Small Catechism (coming soon)
  • Luther’s Large Catechism – brief sermons on each of the parts found in the Small Catechism
    • Audio edition of the Large Catechism (coming soon)
  • The catechism section of the Lutheran Reformation Resource Page

Our Lutheran Confessions of the Faith: the Book of Concord of 1580

Topical Q&As