Good Shepherd now livestreams services and studies!

Good Shepherd Live Streaming
(Please feel free to share this invitation on an individual basis – no group emails please – as you feel appropriate!) 

LENT 2024 Wednesday evening Vespers: see below, different link than usual!

You are welcome to join us in person or online from this page, during COVID-19 or at any other time.  We have been here for people near and far for over 30 years, ensuring they can hear the Good Shepherd’s voice.  God is here for you too.  Here is our current schedule.

Dear members and guests of Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church in Moncton NB: Greetings in the name of Christ our Saviour!

The invitation

If you cannot on occasion or even regularly attend Divine Services  or Bible studies in person at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Moncton NB — or at our sister LCC congregation in Atlantic Canada St Andrew’s Lutheran Parish Church in Halifax NS, in the Annapolis Valley NS, or in Charlottetown PEI — then you are invited to attend online with us!  This means that through an internet video connection, you will see and hear us but the congregation here will not see or hear you, so you can participate in our Divine Services from wherever you are.
This also works for Bible Studies, except that we will be able to hear and see each other.  Contact us for the schedule of Bible Studies to see which one you can join in, and bring your questions and your open ears to be filled with the Word of God – with Christ your Saviour always at the centre – and help to understand it as we study together.

Getting connected

  • LENT 2024, Feb 21-Mar 20; Lenten Passion Vespers, Wednesdays 8pm  (online with our brothers and sisters in Christ at St Luke Lutheran Church, Ottawa, Ontario)
    (with readings from the Passion of our Lord from all four Gospels)
Whether you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet, here is how to get connected:

>> Click to enter our Zoom meeting space now  <<

  • … and follow the instructions there.  Be patient as it may take a bit of waiting to sign in initially.  You don’t need to include your email address when you sign in, but please put something meaningful in as your name so we know who is with us and in order to encourage the other online attenders with your presence.  If you have any trouble, please contact me and I’ll be glad to help. Here are some special notes:
  • You can find each Sunday’s Scripture readings at  Find the date, and click on the readings to pre-read, to read along, or to read again after church
  • During the Service, please “mute” your microphone (make sure the little button with a picture of a microphone is NOT green and has a line through it) and turn off your camera, so that you can speak and sing (and sneeze, and cough, and quiet the dog etc) without any of the other participants hearing you. The Lord Himself can hear you, though, and you are singing together with us even if in a different place.

Thanks be to God, our help in every time of need

Our thanks to our almighty and all-gracious Lord and God, and our thanks to His beloved ones who have partnered with us across the Ottawa Circuit of LCC, at LWML-Canada and especially their Laurentian District who have been partnering with us so we can serve members and guests with the Gospel in this way since 2009!

The +Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ – God’s Son, our Saviour – be with you always!

— Pastor David Milette


“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” — John 1:29

“As they were scattered, they went about preaching the +Word.” — Acts 8:4

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