Halifax and Annapolis Valley, NS

St Andrew’s Lutheran Church (LCC) Halifax, Nova Scotia

“We have found the Messiah!” (John 1:41)

Faith Lutheran Church, Dartmouth NS is now St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Halifax NS!


Same Biblical, Christ-centered teaching and practice together with all the pastors and congregations of Lutheran Church-Canada…

New name and location!

What you need to know to find St. Andrew’s

Lutheran Divine Services: twice a month in the Anapolis Valley, NS

Since 1999, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Moncton NB has rejoiced to be a part of establishing  a mission congregation in the Halifax area: first as a preaching station of Good Shepherd (1999-2000),  then as Nova Scotia Lutheran Outreach / Faith Lutheran Church – a Mission of the  Lutheran Church-Canada East District, served by Missionary Rev. David Maffett (2000-2008); they received pastoral care out of Good Shepherd, Moncton from 2008-2011 with the help of GSLC Visiting Pastor Rev. Paul Williams (2009-2012).  During this time, Pastor Williams also started serving a group of Lutherans in the Annapolis Valley with a twice a month midweek Divine Service, Bible Studies and pastoral visits.

In June 2012, Faith entered into a special mother-daughter relationship with  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church,  Stratford Ontario, and Rev. Paul Williams moved to the Halifax area to serve them  locally, albeit on a part time basis.  In recognition of this new beginning and their  decision to move from Dartmouth to a more accessible location in Halifax, the members  decided to adopt the new name St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, as in the Gospels  we hear that Andrew was Peter’s brother, and they shared the great joy of being Jesus’  disciples and later fellow preachers of Christ as His Apostles  (John 1:35-42).  LCC Military Chaplain Rev. David Jackson served the people of St Andrews from 2012 to 2015.  Since August 2015, the people of St Andrew’s rejoice to be served by Rev. Mark Smith, LCC East District Atlantic Region Circuit Riding Pastor, based right there in Halifax NS.  Since Pastor Smith’s arrival, regular Divine Services in the Annapolis Valley have also been restarted.

The people of St. Andrew’s meet weekly for the Divine Service and at different  times for Bible Study / Sunday School for different groups and ages.  They gather not around  each other, but around the Gospel of Jesus Christ – “the Word”, as Christ  has said, “that gives Spirit and Life” (John 6:63).  They have also begun  arranging periodic Divine Services and Bible Studies in other areas of Nova Scotia,  and look forward to holding various events by which we can glorify the Lord for  His Mercy and by which we may be of some earthly or spiritual service to our  neighbours in the region.

Please contact Pastor Smith to find out more,  to arrange for a visit, or even just to introduce yourself.  Correspondence Bible  Classes and other resources are also available, but we’ll be glad to send you a small gift, even just for saying hi.

The Lord be with you!

Pastor Mark Smith

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(Updated January 30, 2016)

“And as they were scattered, they went around preaching the Word.” (Acts 8:4)